Shape Magazine
(April 2004)

body-image booster

After 16 years of dieting and spending the cost of an Ivy League education on everything from Weight Watchers to fen-phen, humor columnist Wendy Shanker takes a funny and frank look at body image in The Fat Girl's Guide to Life. Along the way, Shanker provides tips on such topics as shopping ("Either get something that fits your body the right way or get rid of it.") and using the F-word ("'Fat' is the word I use to describe my physical stature.   I use it without apology."). She also takes a hard look at the weight-loss industry and the media, encouraging readers to set their own standards of beauty. "I realize I can't wait for thinness to arrive in order for my life to begin," she writes. Nor should anyone else.   -- Josie Rubio



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