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From the author of The Fat Girl's Guide to Life--an insightful and humorous memoir of one woman's quest to navigate the world of alternative healing.

At age 33, Wendy Shanker was on the verge of Have It All-itis: a Midwestern girl living in Manhattan, writing for television, mingling with celebrities, and publishing her first book. Plus, she had a fierce haircut. Life was good. Then suddenly, it wasn't.

Diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, Wendy knew she was in for it- at the very least a cocktail of chemo and steroids (certain to challenge her body image), a bustling career put on hold, and a major hurdle to her dating life. When she ran out of medical options, Wendy found herself exploring everything from acupuncture, colonics, and energy healing to detox retreats, tarot card readers, and an intuitive therapist who wanted her to talk to her liver. Surely there must be a guru somewhere who can fix everything-right?

Praise for ARE YOU MY GURU?

Ganesh by Tracy Ginsberg, © 2010

“[Wendy is] brave, funny, empowering, funny, necessary (and did I mention funny?).”
Jennifer Weiner

“An excellent and entertaining reminder that taking responsibility for one’s own health can result in the best medicine.”
Frank Lipman M.D., author of Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again

“I love this book. I love Wendy... [she] continues her mission to help women accept and appreciate our bodies. Her hilarious storytelling provides an incredible opportunity for us to empower ourselves around the choices we make, not only to live but to thrive.”
Ricki Lake

“Wendy’s strength induces awe, and her fight against Wegner's stirs tenacity in anyone who hears it. Her wit and positive outlook will inspire many struggling with any illness, whether it be physical or one of the heart.”
Crystal Renn, model and author of Hungry

“At the moment when life overwhelms her, Wendy Shanker taps into a humor, courage and spiritual depth that will inspire anyone who's ever had a curve ball thrown her way. Just when it can't get any worse, Shanker finds a way through -- and teaches us all a lesson about how to laugh and love through pain.”
Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out

“A poignant, heartbreaking, and hilarious chronicle of illness and healing.”
Susan Shapiro, author of Lighting Up and Speed Shrinking

“No matter what’s ailing you, Are You My Guru will help you feel better. Wendy Shanker strikes just the right balance between Western and alternative medicine."
Louis J. Aronne, MD, FACP, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Weill-Cornell Medical College

"Shanker's message--that YOU are the ultimate authority on you--is one we'd be fools not to apply to any situation where our health and/or happiness is at stake. Shanker's delivery--earned gallows humor mixed with honest appreciation for even the rawest of deals, sprinkled with pop culture sugar to make it go down easy--renders her story of changing her posture in life in light of a life-changing illness too intensely entertaining to put down."
Stephanie Dolgoff, author of My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side Of Young

“If you think that finding faith can’t be funny, then you haven’t read Wendy Shanker. Her book just might restore your sanity (and is much less fattening than a box of brownies).”
Annabelle Gurwitch, coauthor of You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up: A Love Story